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What is the difference between ICT Enabled Programs, Correspondence and Regular Face-to-face instructional formats?

When can I start with a course?

ICT Enabled ODL Programs, Correspondence and regular Face-to-face degrees/programs from accredited Universities offer instructions in the areas where the student has enrolled for. However, in regular face-to-face programs, you have to attend physical classes and follow a time- table. Whereas in ICT Enabled Programs, you get an opportunity to view videos, take assignments, etc. anytime anywhere and from any device.

The Correspondence courses provided by an University offers similar flexibility but lack in terms of content delivery (only printed study material provided with limited contact programs) and interactivity. The ICT Enabled ODL Programs are best suited to meet the needs of flexibility, high quality, affordability and high interactivity.

Are there any deadlines for submission of Application?

Are all the programs available in the ICT enabled format?

Will I earn academic credit if I take any of these courses?

When can I view the video lectures for the program I have enrolled into? Can I view a lecture more than once?

How do I participate in the class?

Can I take these courses at my own pace or there are set time lines?

Do I need to buy a computer to view lectures?

How do I get my student ID and password?

Should original documents be scanned and uploaded?

What is the break up (if any) between term end exams and assignments?

How will the examinations be conducted?

Are there any entrance exams for MBA courses?

Will the medium of instruction for all courses be in English?

What is the procedure for course change? Within how many days of original registration, can the student change? If yes, what is the fee applicable?

For female candidates (married), what are the extra documents required for the name?

Which document will be the basis for the name of the candidate?

Will NRIs be treated as foreign students? What are the different eligibility criteria for NRIs? Will equivalence fee be applicable?

What are the different eligibility criteria for foreign students?

What will be the approximate fee for exams?

For repeaters, will they have to pay per paper or the course as a whole?

What is the maximum validity after registration for a particular course? Is it double the course duration?

What about convocation? What are the fees? How should a candidate apply? When is it held?

What is the cancellation policy of the University?

Is there any provision for fee reimbursement to SC / ST / BC / OBC / NT candidates for ICT Enabled ODL programs?